Henderson High School (City High)

City High 2When Henderson City High opened in the fall of 1955 it was actually the third building to be known as Henderson High School. Henderson High School came into being in 1870 when a Henderson city school system was created separately from the county schools. The first building of the new system was the Center Street School at the corner of Center and Green Streets. The third floor of the school served as the high school and the faculty consisted of two teachers.
A new high school was built at the corner of Washington and Adams Streets in 1888. This building served as Henderson High School until 1910 when B.M.T.H.S. opened its doors across the street. The former high school would sit empty until 1920 when it became the junior high. Later it would become Central Elementary.

The new Henderson High School was the dream of many people in the 1950’s. B.M.T.H.S., part of which had been built in 1860 as a home, had become unsafe enough that the original part was condemned. The chance to go to a modern high school was now realized as the students moved to the South Alves St. campus.

In 1976 the city and county school systems again became one and City High became the Ninth Grade Center and a year later South Jr. High. It is now South Middle School.

 Center Street School Henderson High School 1888-1910
Henderson High School
(Top floor of Center St. School)
Henderson High School
Henderson Jr. High
Central Elementary

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