Barret Manual Training High School and Henderson High School

Henderson High School was created in 1870 on the third floor of the old Center Street School which was located approximately where the Independence Bank is now located. The first graduating class was the Class of 1872. The school was moved to a building of its own in 1888 on the northwest corner of Washington St. and Adams St. In 1910 the third iteration of HHS began when the school moved across the street to another building which had been donated by James Barret. This school was known as Barret Manual Training High School and served the community until 1955.

In 1955, the high school moved to a new building at 800 South Alves St. and reverted to its previous name of Henderson High School. This building would serve as the high school until 1976 with the merger of the Henderson City and Henderson County school systems and the creation of one high school.